Ammo Can Battery Box

When I was planning a field-day for myself a few years ago, I noticed that the only portable power supply I had was a used car battery and a small generator.
The state of the car battery was that it was about to have his “recycle funeral”, and the generator made (and is still making) to much noise for the location I was planning to have my field-day.
The plan to create a mobile power unit was born.
There are many ideas available on the internet, but one of those ideas attracted my attention: A Ammo Can Battery Box.
Maybe it’s because I’ve been in the Army but I had to make this Battery Box. HI
And so it began, I bought a used ammo can at a army surplus store and did some shopping on eBay for the components I needed.

On the pictures below you can see the end result of this project.
Very handy on a (QRP) field-day…… or other places you need 12V DC

(Click on the photo for a larger size)