PDØPWZ (English)

Welcome to the PDØPWZ webpage.

My name is Marcel, born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and I was infected with the radio virus when I was eleven years old, in 1974, by this CB radio:

It was a Sommerkamp TS-624S, installed in the car of a friend of my parents.
Great fun for me, until July 1975 when the “Telephone and Telegraph Law” in the Netherlands was changed and it became illegal to own transmitters like the CB radio’s.

After this I started to get interested in Amateur radio so in 1978 my dad bought me a Kenwood R-300 (still own it) and I started listening to short wave radio.
Several other receivers for different frequencies entered my room.
In March 1980 a new Telephone and Telegraph Law was issued and from that moment on it was legal to operate on the CB frequencies in the Netherlands.
After having fun with CB radio for a few years, I lost interest in this form of radio communication.
I had to focus on different things: a job, a house…we all know the drill..
But the “ham bug” got me again in the late 80’s and in 1990 I got my N license.
Everyday live consumes a lot of our time so it’s hard to find the moments to enjoy the radio amateur hobby, but I still love to be one of the many worldwide enthusiasts who share the same passion for this hobby and everything that is a part of it.
And when you read this and you are one of them, you know why…

Over the years a lot of stuff found a way into my shack. (also a lot of junk HI)
Here is a picture of a small piece of my shack in the attic of my house:
(Off course I had to put all the junk out of the way when I took it) (click to enlarge)

As i said, I have a lot stuff in the shack but here is the equipment I use the most:


  • YEASU FT-710 HF (for base use)
  • ICOM IC-7200 HF (for base use)
  • YEASU FT-891 HF (for base and field use) (see the “New Equipment” page)
  • YEASU FT-8900R (10m/6m/2m/70cm) (for base and mobile use)


  • COBWEB7 by AWK antennas
  • Fritzel MFB-13
  • Home Made EndFed for 10, 20 and 40m
  • Diamond V2000 (6m/2m/70cm)
  • Procom CXL 70-3LW/l (70cm)


  • LDG IT-100 (for the IC-7200)
  • MAT-TUNER mAT-30 (for the FT-891) (see my New Equipment page)
  • MFJ-941D

Also in the shack:

  • KENWOOD TS-520 (HF)
  • ICOM IC-255E (2m) (my very first 2m transceiver)
  • KENWOOD R-300
  • Radiosystem RS9044 (70cm repeater)
  • ASCOM SE550 (70cm)
  • LENOVO Thinkpad L530 (with Ham Radio Deluxe)

My QSL card

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is QSL-PD0PWZ-1024x659.jpg